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The Family Fitness Center

I will strive for black belt excellence!

About Us

At Strive Martial Arts, our goal is Black Belt Excellence!

We are an Integrated Martial Arts Center specializing in Karate and Fitness.  The basis of our philosophy is rooted from Tang Soo Do (당수도) (‘Way of the Empty Hand’).  Tang Soo Do is a composite style Martial Art that incorporates both hard and soft components of what most people refer to as Tae Kwon Do.  The term, Tang Soo Do, is used to denote an older, traditional form of Korean martial Art.  Tang Soo Do has its origins linked to the ancient Korean Tae Kwon, Chinese Shaolin & Tai Chi and Japanese Shoto Kan Karate styles.

What Are The Benefits?

Our integrated style of Martial Arts and Karate includes a variety of dynamic fitness training. At present, we offer Karate, Kick boxing, Self-Defense, Core Conditioning and Jiu Jitsu, Our goals are to:

  • Build confidence, Concentration, self-awareness and self-control
  • Promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship
  • Improve muscle tone, strength, and endurance thru positive participation
  • Weight control and stress reduction
  • Learn self-defense techniques

Competitive Martial Arts and Karate is also taught here. For those who wish to compete, our optional Sport Martial Arts program develops great competitors for local and national tournaments. Our programs are taught by National Medalists and an Olympian. Competition is NOT a requirement, although we are happy to encourage those students interested in competing.

Strive Martial Arts is a club member of the Amateur Athletic Union. The AAU is perhaps the largest volunteer, non-profit sports organization in the United States. It consists of a wide array of sports and is dedicated exclusively to the “promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness.”

Staff Bios

Master Derek Watson
Owner and Chief Instructor

5th Dan Black Belt

  • Member & Certified Coach Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
  • 12 years experience as a Martial Arts Instructor
  • Trained in Brazilian Jujitsu
  • 5 years fought for the PKF Association
  • Member United States Kick Boxing Association
  • Trained under Master Marco Sies, 7th Degree Black Belt and 7 time Light Weight World Champion Kick Boxer
  • Trained under Master John Bussard, 7th Degree Black Belt
  • Trained under Master Mike Brown, 6th Degree Black Belt
  • Defense Tactics Instructor.
  • 2010 and 2013 AAU Nationals Taekwondo Gold Medalist in Sparring.

Ms. Angela Reed
Head Instructor/ Program Director

2nd Dan Black Belt

  • Member & Certified Coach ( Amateur Athletic Union)
  • 6 years Experience as a Martial Arts Instructor
  • Cardio Kick Boxing Instructor
  • Training Under Derek Watson 5th Degree Black Belt.
  • 2 Time AAU National Taekwondo Gold Medalist in Forms.

Mr. Anthony Lewis