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I will strive for black belt excellence!

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Belt Test Schedule Friday 4/17

3:00 pm- Tiger Warrior Beginners (White-Half Orange).

3:45 pm- Tiger Warrior Adv. Belts (Green-Half Brown)

4:30 pm -White/striped & all Yellow Belts (8 yrs & above).

5:15 pm -Orange & Green Belts

 6:00 pm- All Blue Belts

Saturday 4/18

12:30 pm- Purple & Solid Red Belts

1:15 pm-Red w/Stripe & Half Red Belts.

2:00 pm -All Brown Belts

Saturday 4/25

*No regular classes this day.

9:00 am -Black Belt Chevron

9:45 am- 2nd Degree Chevron

10:30 am- Half Brown testing for Black.

11:15 pm -Black Belts testing for 2nd Degree

12:00 pm -2nd Degree testing for 3rd Degree.