Cardio Combat Fitness Is The Best Way To Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Cardio Combat Fitness designed for all levels of fitness; it is an action-packed combination of fitness training combining endurance, strength, flexibility, and basic kickboxing techniques on heavy bags and hand targets. “That’s OK! “You hit it! You will leave stress-free, realizing you had a solid workout. 

This physically and mentally stimulating class also involves studying specific strategic strategies, configurations, and footwork. Mitt work, heavy bag work all lead to the same end: a hard-fought rock body. Stun your body with results you never thought possible with MMA fitness exercises and SMA self-defense program integration: a combination of Real Kick Boxing Exercises and Defensive Techniques.

Our Cardio Combat Fitness classes Have Something For Everyone

Cardio Combat Fitness class makes the exercise fun and exciting, led by a dynamic instructor who teaches the fundamentals of self-defense, along with improving the following:
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Weight loss & a toned body
  • Reduced stress and added energy