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Dear Strive Martial Arts Parents and Students,

At this time we would like to update you again with the latest developments going on in our County and in our State regarding Reopening. Before I get to some questions and concerns on everyone’s  mind, I want to let you know what we are doing here at Strive Martial Arts to continue and help further our students training ,education and Safety in the Martial Arts. Strive Martial Arts Reopening June 30th 2020.

We have taken the time and invested in resources to provide a conducive response by way of these dedicated actions in order to maintain a safe environment while we live through the COVID-19 pandemic and the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery program. We are extremely confident through workforce monitoring as well as employee & customer cooperation, we can continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while successfully contributing to the opening of our economy in a safe manner. We have held a reopening staff meeting and have all pledged and been trained into the proper sanitization and operating measures that will take place from here forward.

We take the pandemic seriously, even though we are permitted to reopen our business. We are offing Small group classes as well continuing online Zoom classes. This will allows the continued training and physical activity for our Students that might not feel comfortable coming back into the facility just yet, but also those who are high risk for the infection.  Attach is our New Schedule with Zoom classes and Small Group classes. REMINDER to CALL OR EMAIL TO SIGN UP, to make sure that we maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

Please read on to ensure you understand the protocol we are taking once our doors reopen June 30th and what will be expected from employees, students and parents.

Safety Protocols 

• Students should not arrive 5-10 minutes early, due to staff cleaning between classes.

• Everyone WILL have their temperature check with a non-contact thermometer at the front door.

• Strive Martial Arts is only allowing 8-10 students on the training floors 7 feet apart.

• Due to the number of people we are allowed to have in our facility at one time we are asking that parents, siblings and guest please wait outside so that we can get the max number of students on our training floor. Under certain circumstances we will allow 1 parent to stay but this will be up to our discretion.

• All students and guests are instructed to enter with masks. Please wait at the front door to be checked in.

• Students wearing mask during training is optional due to restriction of their breathing. Also student can wear their socks if they want.

• Students and Parents Please remember to use the hand Sanitizer before class and before you leave the training floor.

•There will be NO Contact between Students while practicing social distancing.

• Public water fountain will be out of service. Please bring your own water.

• If you or your child is feel ill, Flu like symptoms, coughing, sneezing uncontrollable. PLEASE STAY HOME!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask, we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable as we begin our reopening phase.                   

Thank You,

Strive Martial Arts Team!